winter HS
winter NS
summer HS
summer NS
apart 2-4 pers.
 from €   65,-
from €  55,-
 from €   40,-
from € 40,-
apart 8-9 pers.
from € 195,-
 from € 184,-
 from € 136,-
from € 136,-

If your stay is within one to three days an extra pay has to be made to the landlord.
Six euros for one day four euros for two days and two euros for three days.

The prices are calculated per  day and refer to one apartment. The prices quoted include a local
tax – also to give the rooms a final clean, a supplementary charge has to be made by the guests.

Terms of conditions of Austrian trade are valid.
Arrival at two o`clock (not earlier) – departure until 9.30 a.m.

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